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Towards A Critique of Cultural Reason, a sequel to the author's Innovative Competence and Social Change and a prelude to his The Primacy of the Political, seeks to develop a Kantian perspective on the theory of culture, based on the notion of the  regulative judgement and the idea of an   exemplar in kant's Critique of Judgement. After a brief critical discussion of the Marxist view of the relation between culture and politics, the author develops a theory of discourse which he believes would enable us to understand how meanings may transcend contextuality symbolic rather than merely a significational context. These exemplary unities of meaning, which may be called symbols of transcendence, constitute the fabric of culture, which in turn of its context-transcending role, may serve as sources of validation for similar exemplary actions. The book then moves on to a study of the inter-relationship between meaning and action. In the concluding portion the author seeks to develop some suggestion towards a hermeneutical understanding of culture and politics. As elements of the overall discussion, the book also deals with such themes as the Kantian notion of critique, Dilthey's project offer hemeneutics of historical reason, ricoeur's perspective on speech ant texual discourse and Husserl's reflections of the life world.



R. Sundara Rajan
is at present Professor of Philosophy at the University of Poona.