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This volume, which contains nine of the papers presented and discussed at National Seminar on 'The Concept and Role of Tolerance in Indian Culture' held at the Radhakrishnan Institute of the  University of Madras, analyses and examines six important issues arising from the theme of the seminar. The assumption that there is tolerance in Indian culture is a basic issue. This apart, other issues such as the connotation and the different uses of the term 'tolerance', the   relation between culture and the philosophy, the philosophical basis for tolerance in Indian culture, the theory-practice problem connected with tolerance, religious pluralism, and the Hindu-Muslim synthesis in the composite culture of India are discussed in this volume by scholars drawn from different religious traditions and cultural ethos. Some of the factual and normative claims and assertions of these scholars, which are provocative and disputable, deserve careful consideration.

R. Balasubramanian
, the author of this volume, is at present Professor and Head, Sri Aurobindo School of Eastern and Western thought, Pondicherry University and also Chairman of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research. A specialist in Advaita and existentialism, he has a  number of books to his credit and has lectured in several universities in and outside India.