The philosophies of the Tamil Siddhas, by virtue of its mystical and enigmatic nature, has not attracted the attention of many scholars in the field of philosophy. As such, there is a marked paucity of reliable works on the Tamil Siddhas. The present work of Professor Ganapathy fulfills the need for a comprehensive and faithful presentation of the philosophy of the Siddhas. Drawing upon a wide range of sources, the author has sought to give a philosophical foundation for the conception of the human body, the method, mysticism and the twilight language of the Siddhas. Unlike other works on the siddhas, the present work has highlighted the social concern of the Siddhas too.

T.N. Ganapathy,
formerly postgraduate professor and HOD, of Philosophy, Ramakrishnan Mission Vivekananda College, Madras, is at present a visiting professor and member of the academic council, Sri Satyasai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University) , Prasanthinilayam, Andhra Pradesh.

Professor Ganapathy has participated and presented papers in a number of seminars in India and abroad. He has published many research articles which have appeared in the important philosophical journals in India and in Kant Studien.

Acknowledged as a specialist in Kant, he has also published An invitation to logic, Mahavyakhayas and Bertrand Russel's Philosophy of Sense - data. Professor Ganapathy is currently engaged in the research on the Philosophy of the Siddhas and Sri Ramana's Philosophy.