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The Fellowship scheme of the council awards different categories of Fellowships to assist the scholars to engage in research on full time basis on themes of contemporary relevance and those that fit in with the following selected major areas of the council.

ball1.gif (326 bytes)Theories of Truth and Knowledge
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Basic Values embodied in Indian Culture and their relevance to national Reconstruction
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Normative Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics)
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Interdisciplinary Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics)
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Philosophy, Science and Technology
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Philosophy of Man and the Environment
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Social and political philosophy and philosophy of Law
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Comparative and Critical Study in the Philosophical system / Movement and Religion
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Logic. Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Metaphysics
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Philosophy of Education
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Philosophy of Social Sciences.

The council invites application for Fellowships (excluding the National Fellowships) through advertisements in National dailies. Copies of the advertisements are also sent to the Heads of Philosophy Departments of all the Universities of the country. Fellowships are generally awarded for a period of two years except in the case of Short-Term Fellowships and Residential Fellowships. The Fellowships offered by the council are of the following categories:

ball1.gif (326 bytes)National Fellowships
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Senior Fellowships
ball1.gif (326 bytes)General Fellowships
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Junior Research Fellowships
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Short-term Fellowships
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Residential Fellowships
ball1.gif (326 bytes)Fellowships for preparing Learning Material.


The council  organises   refresher  courses  which are attended by the teachers and scholars of philosophy from all over India. Eminent scholars are appointed as resource    persons   for  delivering   lectures on   different  themes  at  these courses. Organisations may ask for financial assistance for conducting Refresher  Courses on a prescribed application form.


This is a new scheme of the council under which  Research Scholars' Meet the Expert programme is being organised at the Academic Center, Lucknow . Under this scheme, Junior research fellows are invited to participate and interact on their research findings and work.During this time lectures are delivered by eminent scholars  to help the JRFs  in their work.


In order to provide an opportunity for scholars to express their views and interact with other scholars, ICPR organises National and International seminars   on  a variety   of    themes in  the  field  of    philosophy   and interdisciplinary studies. In addition, the council gives grant by way of partial assistance to various other organisations and departments of Philosophy in Indian universities to organise seminars / symposium / workshops / dialogues.

Download the Application Form and Guidelines For 

Seminar / Symposium
Workshop / Conference


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To enable the young scholars of the country, to think critically and philosophically, the council has instituted a scheme of Essay Competition-cum-young scholars' seminar under which young scholars in the age group of 20-25 years are invited through advertisements to participate in Essay Competition on a current topic of relevance to the need of our time. Based on the performance of the scholars in the competition and seminar, prizes of Rs. 5,000, Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 2000 are awarded to the scholars adjudged first, second and third respectively.

Essay competitions held so far, the details of which are given below :

Subject Venue Year
1. Youth and the 21st Century Vishwa Bharati, Shantiniketan (WB) Jan,1986
2. New Education policy and
challenges of 21st Century
ICPR Academic centre,
3. Philosophy and social change Goa University, Goa Feb,1988
4. Philosophy, culture and values Delhi University, Delhi Nov,1988
5. Religion in the age of science and technology JNU, New Delhi Nov,1989
6. Foundation of morality Dr. Radhakrishna Institute of Advanced study in Philosophy, Madras University, Chennai Oct,1980
7. Philosophy and Social Studies ICPR Academic centre,
8. Philosophical foundations of Indian Culture Kerala University, Tiruvananthapuram Apr,1993
9. Tolerance, conflict and Ideology in Indian perspectives Goa University, Goa May,1994
10. Social responsibility of the Intellectual ICPR Academic centre,
11.. Mahatma Gandhi on the Proper Relationships between Religions Regional Institute of English of South India, Bangalore Mar,1996
12. The Concept of Swaraj Rani Durgawati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur Feb.1997
13. The Concept of Swadeshi M.S. University, Baroda Feb,1998
14. The concept of Swadharma ICPR, New Delhi Jul,1999
15. Karma and freedom ICPR, Academic Center, Lucknow Oct, 2000


With a view to acquaint Indian scholars with the recent thoughts of leading philosophers as well as to provide opportunities for interaction with them, the council organises every year  national lectures by two leading Indian philosophers and two eminent scholars from abroad.  Under this scheme, the lecturers deliver a series of three lectures in at least three universities in India, one of which has to be Council's Academic Centre, Lucknow. The universities are given a grant of Rs. 20,000 by the council to invite the interested scholars from their region to attend the lectures and participate in the discussions. Besides making travel arrangements as well as providing local hospitality to the invited lecturers, the council pays them a token honorarium of Rs. 5,000.


The Indian Council of Philosophical Research has  instituted a scheme of travel grant  in  order  to   provide  financial   assistance  to scholars in philosophy and allied disciplines, irrespective of their age and status, for attending  international Academic   Conferences,   seminars,   symposia etc  abroad,   to  present their papers resulting from their research   work,  or to act as Chairman / Convenor of such conferences etc., on one or more panels thereof.


The following categories of persons will be eligible:

  1. Teachers, Research     scholars and scientific and technical officers in the field of philosophy  and allied disciplines, working or worked in a scale of pay not less than   Rs. 8000  per month,   whose  papers have been accepted for   presentation   at  an  International  Academic Conference / seminar / symposia;

  2. Teachers and scholars who are   invited to chair a session (not jointly with another), give a key note address or lead a seminar / discussion group at the International Conference etc.;

provided that no person will be given  assistance under this scheme more than once in three years.

Provided further that for  the same   conference not more than one scholar shall be  assisted  by   the council. This       condition   may,   however,   be relaxed by chairman taking into consideration the nature and size of the conference.

Pattern of Assistance

Normally   the council shall meet only 50% of the to and fro air fare by economy class   from    airport   in   India   to  the nearest   air port in the country where the conference is held. In case , the  teachers or scholars avails of excursion ticket for air travel, the Council  shall  meet 50%  of the   excursion ticket air fare if the remaining 50% is provided by   some  other sources. In case the teacher or the scholar is not able to get assistance  for  air  travel  from  any   other source the council may consider-reimbursement of actual expenditure on excursion ticket air travel. In exceptional circumstances the chairman will have the discretion to decide to meet 100% of the actual to and fro  economy  air travel fare. Air port tax, registration charges, daily allowance or maintenance allowances shall  not be payable by the council under this scheme.


The  persons  concerned   should  travel  in  economy   class  by Air India on the sectors  where  it  operates and even on sectors where it does not operate, air passage should be  booked through Air India. The scholar should also avail of excursion  ticket   for    air   travel    which   requires  a minimum stay of 14 days wherever it is considered economical compared to normal fare for fewer days stay abroad.

Procedure for obtaining Grant

The proposal should be sent on a   Application Form,  to the council's office along with the following    documents through the institution where they are employed, well in advance, so   that   it   reaches  the council's office within 90 days  before the date of the conference:

  1. a copy of the letter from    the   organiser  of the  conference accepting the papers for presentation or   inviting   the   scholars    concerned  to chair a session / seminar / symposia.

  2. information sheet containing name, place and duration of the conference etc., complete  postal  address  of   its  sponsors and their standing in the Academic field,

  3. detailed particulars   of    other   sources,   who have been approached for providing financial assistance in part or full and those who have agreed to provide the assistance,

  4. two copies of the   full paper prepared by the scholar for presentation at the conference /seminar / symposia,

  5. a certificate   from    the   Head   of   the   Institution   concerned, in case of employed  scholars, to  the  effect  that   they  have not been provided any financial   assistance    for   this  purpose from  any  source during the last three years,

  6. a statement showing details of the visit of  the  scholar  abroad during the last three years on the basis of Travel Grants, etc. received from different sources.

  7. Payment   will      be  made  by the  council through demand draft drawn in favour of Air India. Therefore, Air India's certificate for fare be attached.

Report after attending the conference etc.

Each scholar shall furnish a report of his / her visit within a month after his  / her return  from  abroad. A   certificate  regarding utilisation of the travel Grant shall also be furnished by the grantee.

The  chairman   may    in   exceptional  and   deserving  cases   relax  any  of the provisions of the scheme.


ICPR has a programme of international collaboration between India and overseas nations to facilitate exchange of views among scholars in the field of philosophy and other related disciplines.


The Council has a scheme   of    awarding    contingency   grant  of a maximum of Rs. 10,000   to   scholars   who   are    not  receiving  any  fellowship  or financial assistance from any other source. This  was   mainly to enable such scholars to persue their studies on the topic / areas of their interest.

  • The purpose of awarding the contingency grant is for the following:
  • To study specialised philosophical text  from an expert or a group of experts.
  • To    pursue    individual      projects.  For    this  purpose   they  may buy books/stationery  and spend money on secretarial assistance.
  • To   travel   within   the   country  to attend seminar/symposia/
    summer schools/winter schools/congresses/colloquia,etc.
  • To consult library in India especially ICPR Library at Lucknow.
  • To get the manuscripts edited or prepared by them or typed.
  • To xerox articles, books,etc.

Download Application form for



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