Pranab Kumar Sen

The essays in this volume are addresses to some basic issues in the philosophy of language, and in the area where it overlaps with the philosophy of logic and with social philosophy. These issues have been at the centre of debate in philosophy during the past few decades. The dominant theme in most of these essays is that of reference, and, together with it, a certain conception of truth. The topic discussed include the prospects for a correspondence theory of  truth recast in the Tarskian style, the conditions of singular reference, and of quantification in a model context, the traditional universals versus Fregean concepts, Russell's opposition to Frege's postulation of sense as distinct from reference,  the nature and constitution of of the content of knowledge and belief, the problem of justifying deduction as a form of inference, and the question of what makes a man a rational animal.

       Although the book is written with a view to advancing research in the chosen areas, it is written for anyone who is interested in understanding the workings of our language, and what is involved in knowing, reasoning, and being rational, and would serve as an introduction to many topics for the beginner.

Pranab Kumar. Sen
(Born 1931) is a Professor of Philosophy at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, and is the author of Logic, Induction and Ontology (1980). He has edited logical Form, predication and ontology (1982) and Foundation of Logic and Language (1990) and has contributed many articles in philosophy of Language and philosophical logic to different philosophical journals including  Ajatus, Journal of Indian Council Of Philosophical Research and Mind. He was commonwealth Academic Staff Fellow  at the University of Oxford (1977-73), a specialist Grantee at the University of Helsinki (1973), a Senior Fulbright Research Fellow (1977-78), a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (1978), and at the University of Poona(1990), a UGC National Lecturer (1981), a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College and Magdalene College in Oxford (in 1983-84 and 1989, respectively), and a Senior Fellow in the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (1988-90).