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In pursuance of Eighth plan programme of Indian Council of Philosophical Research to undertake Research in Philosophical themes connected with ideological studies, the Council had decided to undertake a comprehensive and interdisciplinary study of scientific, philosophical and cultural heritage of Indian Times. Compilation of the study resulted in publication of about 30 main volumes and 20 spin-off volumes / monograph on wide ranging subjects like Philosophy, Astronomy, Medical Sciences, Vedanta, Woman Studies etc., reflecting a networking approach to developments in various periods of Indian history.

Nehru's Discovery of India is the underlying agenda of the 50 volume project. Its formation has been influenced by the work of such scientists, historians and philosophers like P.C. Roy, R.G. Bhandarkar, B.N. Seal, S. Radhakrishnan and D.D. Kosambi. George Sarton's 6-Volumes (1927-57) on the Euro-American Scientific thought and Joseph Needham's 16-Volume (1954-95) on science and civilization in China had been in the back of the mind of the original architects of the project. Initially, conceived by Prof. D.P. Chattopadhyaya, in cooperation with Nurul Hasan and A. Rehman, the project was first located at the instance of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, at the National Institute of Science and Technology and Development (NISTAD). Later on, because of its expansion, the project was brought under the auspices of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR). In 1990, the project was formally launched with the support of HRD Ministry, ICPR, UGC, and DST.

The basic idea of the project is an inter-disciplinary and comprehensive exploration of the Scientific, Philosophical and Cultural Heritage of India. Emphasis has been laid on showing the relevance of the past to the understanding of the present and the future. That India's heritage is not only rich in spiritual and philosophical insight but also has been sustained by the scientific and technological innovations is being highlighted in the volumes of the project. For making it a success, very distinguished historians, philosophers, economists, scientists and technologists have been invited to work for it as Editorial fellows, Research Associates / Assistants and Contributors. Famous academicians like, Prof. K. Sachidananda Murthy, Prof. Daya Krishna, Prof. G.C. Pandey, Prof. O.P. Jaggi, Prof A. Rehman, Dr. B.V. Subbarayappa, Prof. Raja Ramanna. Prof. J.V. Narlikar etc., have contributed to the progress of the project.

The anticipated expenditure for the completion of the project  approximately comes to Rs. 20 Crores and all the volumes are expected to be available for distribution by year 2009-10. The following volumes are proposed by the project :

Volume I The Dawn and Development of Indian Civilization
Part 1 The dawn of Indian Civilization
(upto c.600 BC)
G.C Pandey
Part 2 Life, Thought and Culture in India (From c.600 BC to c. AD 300) G.C. Pandey
Part 3 India's interaction with South East Asia G.C. Pandey
Part 4 Puranas, History and Itihasa Vidya Niwas Misra

Volume II

      Life, Thought and Culture in India (AD 300 - 1100)
Part 1 Life, Thought and Culture in India (AD 300 - 1000) K.S. Murty
Part 2 Systems of Vedanta (A & B) R. Balasubramanian
Part 3 Origin and Development of the Vaisesika System A.L. Thakur
Part 4 A Social History of India in the first Millennium AD B.D. Chattopadhyaya
Part 5 Purva Mimamsa from an Inter-disciplinary point of view K.T. Pandurangi

Volume III

Development of Philosophy, Science and Technology in India and Neighbouring Civilizations
Part 1 History of Indian Science, Technology and Culture (AD 1000 -1800) A. Rehman
Part 2 India's interaction with China, Central and West Asia A. Rehman
Part 3 Development of Nyaya Philosophy and its Social Context S. Bhattacharyya
Part 4 Philosophical concepts Relevant to Science in Indian Tradition New Editor to be appointed

Volume IV

Fundamental Indian Ideas of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Medicine
Part 1 Chemistry and Chemical Techniques in India B.V. Subbarayappa
Part 2 Life Science and Medicine in India upto 17th Century B.V. Subbarayappa
Part 3 Indian Perspective in the Physical World B.V Subbarayappa

Volume V

Agriculture in India
Part 1 A History of Agriculture in India Lallanji Gopal

Volume VI

Culture, Literature, Language and Arts
Part 1 Fine Arts in Historical Perspective with Reference to the Culture of India (Under Plan)
Part 2 History of Aesthetics in India (Under Plan)
Part 3 Indian Art:: Forms, Concerns and Development in Historical Perspective B.N. Goswami
Part 4 Regional Languages and Literature U.R. Ananthamurthy
Part 5 Architecture in India M.A. Dhaky

Volume VII

The Rise of New Polity and Life in Villages and Towns
Part 1 Social History of Medieval India J.S. Grewal
Part 2 Religious System of India (Under Plan)

Volume VIII

Economic History of India
Part 1 Economic History of India from the Early 13th to 17th Century Irfan Habib
Part 2 Economic History of India from the 18th to 20th Century B.B. Chaudhuri

Volume IX

Colonial Period
Part 1 Medicine in India : Modern Period O.P. Jaggi
Part 2 Gender Studies in Indian Tradition (Under Plan)
Part 3 History of Science in India from 16th to 20th Century C.K. Raju

Volume X

Towards Independence
Part 1 Philosophy from 18th to 20th Century Daya Krishna
Part 2 Colonial Development, Education and Social Awareness upto 2000 S. Gopal and
Ravinder Kumar
Part 3 A Military History of India Down the Century S.N. Prasad

Out of the above volumes, the following volumes have already been printed during the year 1999-2000 by the project
1.Volume I  Part 1 The Dawn of Indian Civilization(upto c.600 BC) G.C. Pande
2.Volume III Part 1 History of Indian Science Technology, and Culture (AD 1000 - 1800) A. Rehman
3.Volume IV  Part 1 Chemistry and Chemical Techniques of India B.V.Subbarayappa
4.Volume VI Part 3 Indian Art : Forms, Concerns and Development in Historical Perspective B.N.Goswami
As regards spin-off Volumes / Monographs, the following are brought out by the Project :
1. Science, Philosophy and Culture in Historical Perspective   Edited  by D.P. Chattopadhyaya and Ravinder Kumar
2. Some Aspects of India's Philosophical and Scientific Heritage   Edited by  D.P. Chattopadhyaya and Ravinder Kumar
3. Mathematics, Astronomy and Biology in Indian tradition   Edited by D.P. Chattopadhyaya and Ravinder Kumar
4. Language, Logic and Science in India    Edited by  D.P. Chattopadhyaya and Ravinder Kumar
5. Science, Philosophy and Culture : Multi-disciplinary Exploration 2 Volumes    Edited by  D.P. Chattopadhyaya and Ravinder Kumar
6. Primal Spirituality of Vedas : Its Renewal and Renaissance  by R. Balasubramanian
7. Interdisciplinary Studies in Science, Technology, Philosophy and Culture  by D.P. Chattopadhyaya
8. Ancient Yoga and Modern Science  by T.R. Anantharaman
9. Prolegomena to any Future Historiography of Cultures and
by Daya Krishna
10. On Rational Historiography  by V. Shekhawat
11. Science and Spirituality  by Amit Goswami and Maggie Goswami


The  most   important    project   which   the   council    proposes  to  undertake in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the University Grants   Commission,   the    Council for  Scientific  and  Industrial Research, the Indian Council  of  Historical  Research,  the   Indian   Council of Social Science Research,  the  Indian  National   Science   Academy  and  the  Anthropological Survey of India is a  ten volume  work on the Development of Philosophy, Science and Culture - An Interdisciplinary study of the discovery of India. This work aims at being the most comprehensive  investigation  into   the  development of both philosophy and scientific ideas in India in the context of its cultural background. This is proposed to be a  cooperative study in philosophy, science and culture with a hermeneutic approach.

On the recommendations of a   Perspective   Planning   Committee  which was set up to formulate  the  future  activities  of the ICPR over the next decade, the council has undertaken the following projects:

  1. Compilation of a directory of Indian philosophy   and  philosophers with a cumulative index;

  2. Organisation of   meetings,    symposia,   seminars,   etc.,  for  interaction between traditional and modern scholars of Indian philosophy;

  3. Preparation of a comprehensive who's who of Indian philosophy;

  4. Preparation  of  a  cumulative   index  of  subjects and authors of different Indian journals on philosophy;

  5. Devising ways  and  means for  the dissemination of philosophical ideas through visual, artistic and  library   media,  planning films on the lives and teachings of various Indian philosophers;

  6. Devising creative  methods  of   teaching philosophy at different levels ( in consultation with the philosophy panel of UGC);

  7. Description,  analysis,  documentation    and   comparison   of   a verity of spiritual    experiences  found in   the  philosophical traditions of India and elsewhere;

  8. Devising ways of giving a creative direction to the teaching of philosophy in India;

  9. Devising ways of dissemination of the knowledge of the cultural traditions of India to the adolescents and youth of the country;

  10. Preparation   of   a    composite   subject-author  index of important Indian philosophical papers published in different journals;

  11. Organising seminars and symposia on the verity of spiritual experiences in India and planning a book on the subject.

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