Philosophical  Reflections

By G C Nayak

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This monograph presents a lively discussion of philosophical topics of Indian origin. the subtitles of Buddhistic Madhyamika School and Hindu Adhvaitic Vedanta are pressed to the fore. A critical and intelligent evaluation of their diverse strands form the special note of the exposition.

In his reflective treatment, the author attempts to keep himself within the bounds of analytical approach. Involvement in 'ideas or ideology' is not totally shunned, for, according to him 'a philosopher is engaged not only in the   task of conceptual analysis ...but also in indicating guidelines for assessing realms of values'. He asserts: '... in the garb of unconditional allegiance  to the 'hardcore' brand of analytic philosophy... or in the garb of answering faith in 'profound'brands of encyclopedic' philosophies'.

The discussion upholds the value of freedom, ' not from rigours of logic but from deceptive images and imageries. The monograph will stimulate the reader to untrammeled philosophic enquiries.

(b.1935, Cuttack) studied at the Universities of Utkal, Allahabad and Bristol University. Currently he is Professor and Head of the post - graduate department of Philosophy in Utkal University.

Professor Nayak has contributed many research papers to scholarly journals. His works, including books and tracts, are : Evil, Karma and Reincarnation (1973), Essays in analytical Philosophy (1978), Upanishad Darsana (1975), Bhartiya Darsana (1978), Darsanikara drstire (1979), Darsanikara Cintana (1984). He has also edited Analytical studies in Buddhist Philosophy (1984).