Edited  by
Pranab Kumar Sen
Roop Rekha Verma

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Peter Fredrick Strawson, Knighted for his contribution to philosophy, is one of the leading philosophers of our time. There is hardly any branch of philosophy to which he has not contributed significantly, and which has not been transformed by his work. The philosophy by P.F. Strawson is a tribute paid by Indian Council of Philosophical Research to this philosopher, who has influenced philosophic thinking as much in India  as in any other part of world. The volume opens with a personal statement of his own philosophy made by Professor Strawson . This is followed by sixteen essays by eminent scholars from India , Britain and the USA, written especially for this volume on various aspects of Strawson's work, namely, philosophical Logic, philosophy of language, metaphysics, kant exegesis, theory of knowledge and moral philosophy. The rest of the volume consists of Strawson's reply to these essays, a bibliography of his writings, and a brief biographical note on the philosopher.

Pranab Kr. Sen
(b. 1931) is a Professor of Philosophy at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, and is the author of Logic, Induction and Ontology (1980). He has edited logical Form, predication and ontology (1982) and Foundation of Logic and Language (1990) and has contributed many articles in philosophy of Language and philosophical logic to different philosophical journals including  Ajatus, Journal of Indian Council Of Philosophical Research and Mind.

Roop Rekha Verma (b.1943) is a Professor of philosophy at the University of Lucknow. She has published articles in journals including Mind, Indian Philosophical Quarterly and Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research.