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The series entitled Facets of Recent Indian History   is a collection of addresses delivered by eminent Indian philosophers as  General Presidents in the annual sessions of the Indian Philosophical Congress. Initially conceived to be published in three volumes, and the idea having been accomplished, the proposition transgressed itself and this fourth volume symbolises the transcending finale of the venture.

Now all the available Presidential addresses till date have been included in the series. They have been arranged thematically as below:

Volume 1 : The Metaphysics of the Spirit ;  

Volume 2 : Indian Philosophy and History ;

Volume 3 : Problems of Indian Philosophy ;

Volume 4 : The Philosophy of Life.

The first three volumes of the series contains seventeen addresses each. The last one has twenty – one entries, including a couple of addresses of Sectional Presidents, one Endowment Lecture and one paper submitted to a section.

The addresses included in these Volumes deal with some of the major and perennial problems of philosophy in general and of Indian philosophy in particular. Thus, problems of ego, fear, sorrow, violence, peace, freedom, time and the like, have received focal attention. Some of the addresses discuss temporal and social issues, such as unity in diversity , dogmatism , ecology and the malady of the age. Viewed together , they evince our philosopher’s concern with eternal , as well as immediate, problems and their eagerness to solve the problems by making sincere efforts.

These volumes    will    undoubtedly      be    useful to    researchers    and   students of contemporary   Indian philosophy as they give     a good idea      of the direction in which twentieth-century       Indian philosophy       has been    moving   since the mid-thirties.

(Born1944) is Professor of Philosophy in Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). He was educated at Banaras Hindu University and McMaster University, Canada. He joined Jabalpur University in 1969. Besides two books --- Rudolf Otto and Hinduism and Idealism east and west --- and a Hindu translation of Burnet's Greek Philosophy, he has contributed a large number of papers to learned journals and anthologies. Professor Dubey is at present General Secretary of the Akhila Bhartiya Darshan Parishad.