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This collection includes twenty-five essays written by G.R. Malkani during 1923-60 on various topics in hard core philosophy. The reader will judge whether these essays express one single and coherent outlook towards different philosophical problems and whether that single outlook can be identified as Advaitic. In the larger context of the encounter between the Indian traditions of thought and those of the west, this collection provides a basis to judge whether and to what extent the twentieth-century Vedanta is a continuation of its classical and medieval heritage. Malkani's exposition of the classical  Advaita Vedanta in terms of the Hegelian idealism with its interpretative openness, creates many apparent similarities between the Hegelian and the Advaitic philosophies. Essays included in this volume would enable the reader to undertake an in-depth survey of the implicit continuities from Sankara to Hegel.

G.R. Malkani (1892-1977) is one of the eminent Indian Philosophers of the recent past. As the Director of the erstwhile Indian Institute of Philosophy at Amalner, and also as the Editor of the Philosophical Quarterly , he has contributed along with his contemporaries, viz., K.C. Bhattacharyya, Ras Vihari Das, T.R.V. Murti, D.M. Dutta, P.T. Raju and and others, in an important measure towards the building of philosophical activities in India. As an ardent exponent of the metaphysics of the non-duality of Brahman, Malkani has substantially contributed to the  twentieth-century understanding of the   classical Advaita Vedanta.

Sharad Deshpande
(Born 1949) is a Reader in the Department of Philosophy, Pune University, and Associate Editor, Indian Philosophical Quarterly.