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The Nyayadarsana of Aksapada Gotama has come down to us through the Nyayabhasya of Vatsyayana  Paksilasvamin, the Nyayabhasyavarttika of Bharadvaja Uddyotakara, the Nyayabhasyavarttikatatparyatika of Udayanacarya. They are technically called the Nyayacaturgranthika. The Nyayasutras along with the caturgranthika are together called the Pancaprasthananyayatarka. They are regarded as the most authoritative texts if the ancient school of Indian logic characterized by a systematic rivalry with the Buddhist Logic and its alliance with the Vaisesikas.

Professor Anantalal Thakur has edited these texts on the basis of a large number of manuscripts and other connected material hitherto untapped. It required extensive studies and searches for manuscripts. The discovery of the Buddhist logical text in Tibet and the and the publication thereof and a series of newly   published Jaina texts threw welcome light on the subject. manuscripts of the text in question could also be identified in the various archives in India. Besides manuscripts of the Nyayavarttikatatparya - Vivaranapanjika of  Aniruddha, the Nyayatippanaka of Abhayatilaka Upadhyaya directly connected with these text could be traced and published. Some more Nyayavrttis and commentary on the Nyayasara could also be consulted along with the commentary on the Tarkikaraksa by Cannibhatta and Ramesvara. All these were of immense help to the editor.

The present edition of Vicaspatimisra's   Nyayavarttikatatparyatika will offer better texts and variants for comparison and contrast, fill up the lacunae in the current editions, and new items to the history of the subject and remove several current misconceptions therein.

Anantalal Thakur
(b.1916), the doyen of Indian Philosophy, is an internationally known authority on Nyaya, vaisesika, Buddhist and Jaina Systems of philosophy as well as manuscriptology. He was Professor of Sanskrit at Mithila Research Institute, Mithila, Prakrit Jain Institute, Vaisali, Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University, Darbhanga and Burdwan University,. He was the Director of K.P. Jaiswa Research Institute, Patna and the Research Director both at The Asiatic Society and Sitaramdas Omkarnath Research Institute in Calcutta. He has thrown new light on different branches of ideological studies and presented invaluable source material for the young researchers of today through his large number of books and research papers published during the last five decades. He is the recipient of Certificate of Honour for Sanskrit by the President of India (1991). The title of Mahamahopadhyaya was conferred on him by Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya sanskrit Vidyapeetha (Deemed University) in 1996 in recognition of his life time contribution to Sanskrit studies. His major publications include:
of Abhayatilaka;
of Aniruddha;
of Bhattavadindra and

His recent study on the Scientific Knowledge in the Mahabharata is a landmark in the history of Ideological studies.