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The eleventh century classic, Nyayavarttikatatyaparyaparisuddhi, forms the fourth tier of that quartet  of commentaries , Nyayacaturgranthika, which has been regarded for more than  nine hundred years as the central purpose of ancient Nyaya. Apart from analyzing nearly every line of  Vacaspati's Tatparyattika, this vast yet tersely written gloss adds fresh philosophical insights engaging in debates with Buddhist stalwarts like Jnanasrimitra and with philosophers like Srivatsa. This is the first critically edited complete publication of the work eagerly awaited by traditional as well as modern scholars of Nyaya in India and abroad.

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Famous for his independent treaties like Atmatattvaviveka and Nyayakusumanjali as well as for his path breaking Vaisesika commentary, Kiranavali, Udayana is the last great master of ancient Nyaya and is, according to many, the priest of  that fertile marriage between Nyaya and Vaisesika, which gave birth to New Nyaya. Besides these three major works he also wrote Nyayaparisistha alternatively called Prabodhsiddhi and two other small works on definitions, viz. Laksnamala and Laksnawali. In elegance of  style, vigor of polemical arguments, rigour of definitions and depth of philosophical imagination his writings remain unparallelied in Sanskrit philosophical literature. True to his claim at the end of Atmatattvaviveka, he has shown the realist way to liberation by 'refuting various confusing oppositions to logic, commonsense and tradition (Nyayalokagamanam)'.