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one of the most important anchor - works of the Nyaya philosophy, is composed by Udayanacarya, the great ancient Indian thinker, commentator, author and a master-stylist in recondite Sanskrit prose. This wok is one of the two major magna opera of Udayanacarya, the other being Atmatattvaviveka, which is wholly devoted to a thorough criticism of all the basic doctrines of Buddhism. Unlike Atmatattvaviveka, Nyayakusumanjali, is primarily concerned with the exposition and argumentative defense of the Nyaya doctrines - especially those relating to its methodology - against the corresponding but opposed doctrines of Mimamsa and Vasesika. A unique feature of this book is that it brings forward a large number of inferential proofs to establish the reality of God, which is almost a totally neglected topic in all the earlier basic works on Nyaya.  even the aphorisms of Gotama, supposed to be the primary source of Nyaya philosophy, make only a passing and oblique reference to God in a single aphorism. Udyanacarya is perhaps the first great Naiyayika of ancient India who introduced the theism in a big way both in Nyaya and the Vaisesika schools of Indian philosophy. In the first volume of Nyayakusumanjali, professor Dravid has translated and explained the text of Nyayakusumanjali, passage by passage, while in the second volume, he has presented an analytical-critical survey of the contents of the whole work.

Narayan Shastri Dravid (b. 1923) is an eminent philosopher well versed in both Indian and Western traditions 0f philosophy. He was trained in Navya-Nyaya by stalwarts like the late Panditaraja Rajesvara Sastri and his pupil, the late Harirama Sastri. He studied Buddhism and western philosophy at Banaras Hindu University. He was awarded the Ph. D.  degree for his work on 'Nyaya Epistemology'. He taught philosophy at Nagpur University for more than two decades. He also worked as a visiting Professor at the University of Hawai, USA, for a couple of years. Professor Dravid was a Fellow at the Indian Council of Philosophical Research and also at the Indian  Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. He has published a large number of scholarly papers in reputed Journals in English, Hindi and Marathi. His publications include Nyayakusumanjali (in two volumes) of Udayanacara. At present Professor Dravid is engaged in preparing a critical and comprehensive English rendering of Dharmakiriti's Pramanavarttika.