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The present book written in lucid Sanskrit deals with various concepts pertaining to Mimamsa philosophy, besides general and  technical issues in epistemology. The significance of each pramana has been discussed according to various other systems with suitable examples. The categories (padarthas) accepted in mimamsa system have also been described with their variations compared to other systems of philosophy. The basic tenets of mimamsa and  the doctrine, etc. are justified. Besides describing the position of Mimamsa school, among the other philosophical systems of India, the sub-schools of Mimamsa system are also discussed in detail. The technical terms of this system are explained with their meaning. This book also describes the authors, texts, commentaries and super-commentaries, etc. in Mimamsa Philosophy starting from the Sutras of Sage Gamini till date in an alphabetical order. The chronological list of authors and texts has also been provided separately. Detailed illustrations are added for an easy understanding. Some of the maxims related to this system are also explained in this book.

R. Thangaswami Sarma
(b.1924) is a traditional Sanskrit scholar specializing in Nyaya, Vedanta, Mimamsa, and Vyakarana with several years of  postgraduate teaching experience and research work. He has published a large number of books and has also edited several texts in Sanskrit, English, Tamil as well as in Hindi. He was honored by Sri Sankaracharyas of Kochi and Sringeri for his contribution to popularizing Sanskrit language.. he is also  recipient of the   Certificate of Honor for Sanskrit by the President of India. At present he is Honorary Professor at Adyar Library and Research Centre, Madras.