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The Mahabhasya   of   Patanjali    is  a  monumental  work in the tradition   of   Paninan grammar. Patanjali explains a large number of the Sutra of panini   and Katyayana's vartika thereupon. Composed   in a lively   and   absorbing    conversational style, the Mahabhasya has set a model for  exegetical writings for all time.

The present volume,   published    posthumously, is a   reproduction   of   an incomplete manuscript of late Professor Surendranath Dasgupta. It provides English traslation and annotation on the first four sections (Ahnikas) of the first chapter (Prathamadhyaya) of the  Mahabhsya with   corresponding  romanized text of the Sutra and the Vartika. The value of the work lies not so   much in the translation of the text but in the   very thorough discussions   on   all   topics    in   the   annotations   which   take    into   account several commentaries and later work of the grammatical  tradition. This   great  work will attract attention not merely of   scholars  of   Sanskrit    grammar, but     also of philosophers of language.