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The volume attempts to provide a better recension of the Nyayadarshana of Aksapada with the Bhasya of Vatsayana based on important materials, manuscripts, printed texts, commentaries and other relevant sources. The relation of the Vaisesikadarsana  with the Vaisesikadarshana  of Kanada, Yogadarsana of Patanjali, Arthasastra of Kautilya and the  Yogacara - Vijnanavada branch of Biddhist philosophy has been delineated. The three phases of the orthodox Indian Logic have been defined with a bird's eye view of the Nyaya categories together with useful indices.

Akasapada Gautama is the earliest known logician in the world. He is known to the Mahabharata and the Khord Avesta. Aristotle wrote Deductive Logic in the western world and its supplement, the Inductive Logic, took proper shape in the hands of  John Stuart Mill after several centuries. But both Induction and Deduction were systemized by Aksapada much before Aristotle. Since then Aksapada's logic has been guiding Indian thinking through its successive phases down to the present day.


Vatsayayana Paksilasvamin is the earliest known commentator on the Nyayadarsan of Aksapada. The Nyayabhasya of Vatsayana quotes Kautilya. Kautilya's disciple. Chandragupta Maurya and Alexander the Great were contemporaneous. Aristotle, therefore. must have belonged to the same period. The Nyayabhasya became a full fledged system in Indian philosophy, helping the other kindred systems in their respective spheres. Vatsyayana prepared the ground for systematic rivalry and growth of the orthodox and Buddhist schools of logic simultaneously.