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This edition of Gadadhara's Visayatavada (in two parts - published separately) contains the   original    Sanskrit text, its    English      translation   and  commentary
by Professor Sibajiban Bhattacharyya. Gadadhara's   style is very  complicated, using as he does, the latest techniques of Navya - Nyaya. In   his effort to guide the reader through this difficult text the professor provides a useful introduction and explanatory notes.

PART ONE presents a general    introduction  to Navya - Nyaya   concepts, while PART TWO carries the text, closely   followed by  the   English   translation and explanations.

Professor   Sibajiban    Bhattacharyya   taught    philosophy   for more  than forty years in different universities   in     India     and    abroad. He    has   published  papers in journals, anthologies, encyclopaedias, both Indian and foreign. He has also published books and edited books and journals of philosophy   for    some   time. Bhattacharyya was General President of   the   Indian    Philosophical   Congress    in 1989. He is  at present Visiting Professor of Philosophy in the University of Burdwan, West Bengal.

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