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The Fellowship Scheme of the Council awards different categories of Fellowships to assist the scholars to engage in research on full time basis on themes of contemporary relevance.

National Fellowships

National Fellowships are awarded to eminent scholars who have made outstanding contribution in the field of Philosophy. The amount of Fellowship has been fixed as Rs. 7,300 per month. In addition, there is an annual contingency grant of Rs 15,000. These Fellowships are awarded by the council from among the names suggested to it by Council members, UGC panel members on the subject of Philosophy. Presidents of Philosophical congress for the past 10 years and such members of the RPC who are not members of the council, without inviting applications and purely on the basis of merit and eminence, regardless of the age and official status of the scholars.

Senior Fellowships

Senior Fellowships are awarded primarily to those scholars in Philosophy and in allied disciplines who have made a significant contribution in their areas of research as evidenced from their publications such as books and research papers, articles etc., in Philosophical Journals and periodicals. The Fellowship carries monthly emoluments of Rs. 6,000 per month. However, salary is protected in the case of employed scholars. In addition, the senior Fellows are entitled to a contingency grant of Rs. 10,000 per annum.

General Fellowships

General Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have shown significant promise and competence in carrying on independent research. The award of such a category of fellowship is determined on the basis of quality of candidate's research work in the form of published work, books or articles and in special cases even as evidenced from their unpublished manuscripts. The fellowship amount ranges from Rs 2,500 to Rs. 5,000 per month and is fixed by the selection committee. However, in the case of employed teachers / scholars, their salary including allowances in their parent institution is protected. Besides the monthly fellowship grant, a contingency grant of Rs. 5,000 per annum is paid to the Fellow.

Junior Research Fellowships

Junior Research Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have good academic record and are pursuing their research on a project. The fellowship caries a grant of Rs.1,500 per month, but candidates who have qualified in the NET of the UGC are entitled to a fellowship amount of Rs. 1,800 per month. The fellowship carries a contingency grant of Rs. 5,000 per annum.

Short Term Fellowships

Short term fellowships are awarded for a period of three months to scholars in Philosophy and Allied disciplines irrespective of their age and status, to enable them to engage themselves on a whole time basis in research work. The fellowship carries a grant of Rs. 1,500 per month and a contingency grant of Rs.2,000 during the entire tenure of fellowship. However, in the case of employed scholars, their salaries and allowances are protected.

Residential Fellowships

These Fellowships are meant to facilitate scholars to consult the libraries at ICPR's Academic Centre, Butler Palace, Lucknow in connection with their ongoing research projects. The selected scholars can avail of the following during the period of their leave of absence from their place of work or during holidays. The fellowships are available for a maximum period of 60 days in a financial year either in one stretch or in parts. They are provided return first class rail fare from the place of work to the academic centre only once. The council pays an allowance of Rs. 100 per day to the Fellows who make their own arrangement for boarding and lodging in Lucknow, and Rs. 75 to the Fellows who are provided accommodation the guest house of the Academic Centre.

Fellowship for Preparing Learning Materials

These fellowships are awarded to scholars renowned in their areas of research and related disciplines to help them to prepare learning material such as textbooks, supplementary materials, pictorial presentations, slides, exhibition materials etc., in their area of specialisation for the benefit of Universities and College students. The Fellowship carries a minimum grant of Rs.2,500 per month in the case of retired unemployed scholars. However, in the case of employed scholars, the salaries and allowances drawn by them in their parent institutions are protected.   The Fellowship also carries a grant of Rs.10,000 per annum for meeting contingency expenses.

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