Sibajiban Bhattacharyya

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This volume deals with some questions about doubt and belief, but mainly with various aspects and forms of knowing and different types of objects of knowledge-- the nature of logical laws, contradiction, paradox, a priori truths, universals-- and also with the problem of induction. The last three chapters deal mainly with the Navya-Nyaya theory of cognition and its different forms.



Sibajiban Bhattacharyya
, formerly Acharya B.N. Seal Professor of Mental and Moral Science at Calcutta university, is a distinguished philosopher, His contribution in the field of modern logic and Navya-Nyaya have received international acclaim. He taught philosophy at Saugar, Burdwan, Visvabharti and North- Bengal universities. Currently, he is Director of the Institute of Universal Spiritual Values at the Asiatic Society , Calcutta. Professor Bhattacharyya has published a large number of scholarly papers in various learned journals both in India and abroad. His pioneering works include Gadadhara's Visayatavada (text edited with notes, introduction and English translation).