S.S. Barlingay



Surendra S. Barlingay

Teacher, educational, journalist, social reformer, political activist and philosopher rolled in one, Professor S.S. Barlingay is known for his markedly unorthodox views on different fields ranging from epistemology and logic to aesthetics and social pholsophy. As a freedom fighter, he was closely associated with the mainstream of our national life.

    Born on 20 July 1919, at Nagpur and educated in Nagpur University, Professor Barlingay was appointed as a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Philosophy, Amalner, Maharastra, in 1942, where he met and was inspired by eminent philosophers such as G.R.Malkani,Rasbihari Das and others. He has taught at several Indian and foreign universities, including S.V.University, Tirupati, Delhi University,  Poona University andUniversity of Zagreb, Yugoslavia. He also taught in the University of Western Australia. As a Post - Doctoral Fellow at Oxford, he came in close contact with Professor Gilbert Ryle, Professor Hao Wang, Professor Lemomon and Professor H.H.Price.

    Wide travelled, Professor Barlingay has visited several places in Europe, America and the Far East. He has lectured at the Universities of Japan, Oslo, Manchaster, Belgrade and Beijing. In 1985 he led a cultural delegation to Mauritius. Professor Barlingay is widely acclaimed for his role in reviving the famed Indian Institute of Philosophy of Amalner. He also founded and established three philosophical journals, Indian Philosophical Quaterly, Paramarsha and Paramarsha (Hindi). He is founder-Chairman of Thinker's Academy, Bombay and Editor of its journal.

     Professor Barlingay has been closely associated with the indian Council of Philosophical Reasearch and as National Fellow of ICPR, is presently engaged in a reasearch project entitled 'The Development of Aesthetic Theory in India (from Bharata to Jagannath)'.

      In addition to his published works in English, Professor Barlingay has to his credit a large number of books and articles in Hindi and Marathi.