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This volume consists of eighteen new essays, written by distinguished scholars, on topics that are of great interest to logicians and philosophers : definitions and the concept of truth. The essay fall into three groups The first group defends the logical legitimacy and fruitfulness of  circular definitions. It argues that circular definitions yield better theories not only of truth but also of defeasible inference, rationality, knowledge and vagueness. The second group contributes to the philosophical debate over deflationism. Some essays in this group develop better version of deflationary and substantive theories ; some draw attention to phenomena that must be kept in view in thinking about truth. The final group is concerned with  recent logical theories of truth. This group includes critical assessments of fixed-point and revision theories. It includes also new and accessible presentations of pointer semantics and singularity theory by their originators.


Andre Chapuis is the recipient of a Swiss NSF fellowship for research on the foundation of  rational choice. His doctoral dissertation on contemporary theories of truth was awarded the Wolfgang Stegmuller Prize in 1994. His articles have been published in the Journal of Philosophical Logic and   Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research.

Anil Gupta is the Rudy Professor of Philosophy at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. He  has authored The Logic of Common Nouns (1980) and with Nuel Belnap, The Revision Theory of Truth (1993). His articles and reviews have appeared in Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Review, Journal of Philosophical Logic, and other journals. He was an editor of Journal of Philosophical Logic and currently serves on the editorial board of Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical  Research.