1.  Name  [Block Letters]                                         :

2.  Postal Address [Block Letters]                          :    

3.  Permanent Address [Block Letters]                  :

4.  If employed, mention :                                         :
     a)  Designation &office address
              [Block Letters]
     b)  Emolument drawn                                          :

5.  Educational Qualifications                                  :
     ( beginning with school leaving exam.
       with specialisation of subject at
       Degree/Post graduate Level )

6.  Title of the research work for which                    :
     grant is being sought [Block Letters]
     ( a brief note highlighting the project
       may also be attached with this application)

7.  (A) Date of starting the proposed work.              :
     (B) Time required for completion of the project.  :

8.  (A) Name, Designation of the Supervisor/guide.    :
     (B) Whether the applicant wishes to be attach
           with any University/Institution for doing the
           project. If not, reasons may be provided.

9.  Name of the Libraries to be visited                       :

10. In case the scholar was in receipt of any grant     :
     from the ICPR earlier, the year, purpose,
     amount received may be mentioned
     (Application should also state if the completion
      report of the work along with the accounts has
      been submitted to the ICPR.)

11. In case the scholar is in receipt of any grant from  :
      any other organisation for the present work,
      details may be given.

12. Amount of  financial assistance required (Please    :
      enclose the itemized budget).

13. Any other information.                                         :


Dated:                                                                                           signature of the applicant.


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