1.    Name of the organisation:

2.    Theme of the proposed seminar / conference:
        (Please enclose a detailed framework)



4.    Number of papers to be presented:

5.    Total No. of participants

                        (a)      Outstation:

                        (b)     Local:
        (Please enclose a list of the
        outstation participants who are
        intended to be invited)

6.    Amount of financial assistance required:
        (Please enclose the itemised budget)

7.    Whether Grant sought form any other source,
        if yes, which sources:

8.    If grant from any other source already sanctioned,
        the amount of the grant:

9.    Any other information:

10.    Authority in whose favour the grant should be released:


Dated:                                                                        Name and Signature of the
                                                                                    Director of the seminar.




  1. A seminar must have at least six (6) months planning behind it, giving at least four (4) months to the paper writers. The other participants must also be invited at least three (3) months before the seminar is due.

  2. The papers must be dispatched to the participants in advance.

  3. The theme must be chosen carefully. The theme should be specific so that pointed and fruitful discussion can take place in the seminar.

  4. The selection of the paper writer and the participants should also be done thoughtfully. The paper writers must be specialists in the area and the other participants also must have close academic concern with the field.

  5. At least five (5) younger scholars must be invited to the seminar.

  6. A framework of the theme of the seminar must be provided to the participants along with the invitation. The paper writers must be requested to confine their papers within the framework. The framework must specify the issue and the questions keeping which in mind the seminar is organised. The list of the participants must also be supplied.

  7. Ordinarily only two papers must be presented in one full session so that extensive discussion can follow the presentation of the paper and the maximum participation of the maximum number of participants is obtained.

  8. Each seminar ill have a Director who would organise the seminar and a rapporteur who would prepare a brief on the seminar, incorporating the main points which arise during the discussion. The rapporteur should be specialist in the field.

  9. The council will appoint a Co-Director of the seminar for helping and guiding the organisation of the seminar.

  10. A seminar is expected to yield publication worthy literature.

  11. Within a month after the seminar is over, the accounts and a report on the seminar alongwith the papers and the list of participants, must be submitted to the council.

  12. The participants may be paid local transportation charges from their residence to railway station / airport and back.

  13. As far as possible the participants be lodged in the university / institutional guest house.

  14. No honorarium should be paid to the Director or the participants.

  15. If any participant has booked his tickets through a travel agent, the same may be reimbursed against production of the bill.

  16. Local participants may be provided hospitality besides conveyance charges if they are invited participants.