1.        Number of participants including Resources persons, Guest Lecturers, Visiting
           Lecturers (Max 50)

            (a)     Our Station:

            (b)     Local:

            (c)     Total:

            (d)     Date of Programme    From  ____________  To    ____________

2.        Name of Director:

3.        Items of expenditure

            (i)     Board charges for  _______  (Give Nos.)    Rs.   ________  outstation

                    participants @ Rs.  _______  per head for  __________  (Give No. of days).

            (ii)     Hospitality to  _____________  (Please give Nos.)  Rs.   _________  Local
                     Participants @ Rs.  _______  per head per day for  _________  (Give No. of days).

            (iii)    Conveyance to local participants  ________________

            (iv)     TA to outstation participants  _________  (Please give Nos.) Rs.  __________

            (v)     Incidental charges to  _______  (Please give Nos.)  @ Rs   ______  per head
                     during journey.

            (vi)    Honorarium to the Director with the ceiling of Rs. 1000:    Rs.  _______

            (vii)   Honorarium to  ______  (Please give No.)  @ Rs.   ______  Resource persons etc.
                     as per norms laid down.

            (viii)  TA to  _______  (Please give No.)  for guest Rs.   ______  Lecturers / Academic
                      staff / Visiting  Guest Lecturers.

            (ix)    DA to  _______  (Please give No.) for Rs.  _________   Lecturers / Academic
                     staff / Visiting Guest Lecturers.

            (x)     Miscellaneous charges / contingencies: secretarial,  teaching staff, electrical,
                     class-IV, and transportation etc.   Rs.  _________

            (xi)    Books for participants (Other than academic staff) @ Rs.200 per participant,
                     (For programmes of  minimum 21 days duration only)  Rs.  _________

            (xii)                     TOTAL Rs.  ________________




In order to provide opportunities to scholars to exchange their views, the ICPR, organises National and International Seminars / symposia / Refresher Courses and Academic Conferences on a veriety of topics in the field of philosophy and interdisciplinary studies. In addition, the council may give grants by way of financial assistance to individual scholars as coordinators through the host institutions deemed to be the institution of affiliation and to other organizations and university departments for organizing such seminars, conferences etc.

Request for grants of financial assistance for organizing seminars, symposia etc  giving full details together with the budget estimates may be submitted to the ICPR in accordance with the performa given above.

Grants for seminars , symposia etc would be sanctioned by the council on the recommendation of the Research Project Committee (RPC) to the individual scholars as coordinator or to the organisation. The amount of Grant-in-Aid   in each case would not normally exceed Rs. 50,000 and will be paid through the host institution deemed to be the institution of affiliation. Provided that the council, upon the recommendation of the RPC, may,  in a special case, sanction a grant exceeding Rs. 50,000.

Provided further that the RPC may assign the organisation of the seminar or workshop held at its own instance to scholar as coordinator and an institution ( deemed to be the institution of affiliation) on such terms and condition as may be determined by it.

On the recommendation of the RPC, the council may sanction grants to academic and professional organisation of philosophers (including organisations which, if not concerned with teaching and research in philosophy, include the teaching or research as a significant part of their objective) at national, regional, state and local levels to enable them to organise their annual or periodic conferences, symposia etc. Request for grant of such financial assistance giving full details would be submitted to the ICPR. Payment of the grant will be made directly to the duly authorized office bearers of the organizations.

Provided that:

(a)  the grant for the annual conferences of any organisation other than Indian Philosophical Congress (IPC) shall not exceed Rs. 30,000 and the grant to the IPC for its annual conference shall not exceed Rs. 50,000.

(b)  an organisation set up on predominantly religious, communal, caste, or tribal lines shall not be eligible for  grants but this shall not preclude the philosophy of religious community, caste or tribes being adopted as subjects of research or discussion by organisations receiving grants under this clause.

5% of the grand due to be released for seminars, workshops, refresher courses and academic conferences to the coordinator / organisation shall be withheld until complete statement of expenditure together with a detailed report of the said meeting, is received from the concerned coordinator or the organisation. The report should contain full particulars of names, addresses,and designation of the participants as required in terms of prescribed Performa, paper presented, lectures delivered and discussions held together with copies of the papers presented and a report of discussion held on the same with a view to prepare a manuscript for possible publication.