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1. Network Group

The JICPR is seriously thinking of forming a Network Group consisting of those of its readers who would like to receive the contents of its special features such as 'Focus', 'Agenda for Research' and 'Notes and Queries' before their publication so that they may become aware of them as soon as they are received and may respond to them in case they would like to do so.

The JICPR is at present published three times a year and thus it takes a long time for items under these sections to be published and brought to the attention of our readers. In order to avoid the delay, it is proposed that those who would like to be actively involved in the ongoing discussions may write to us expressing their desire to become members of the JIPCR Network Group so that they may be sent the material immediately as soon as it is received by us. Those interested may kindly write to the Editor.



Dear Sir,

Please enter my subscription for becoming a member of JICPR's Network Group. I enclose a DD for Rs. 50 in favour of ICPR.

Signature  ___________________   Date  ________________

Name   _______________________________________________

Institution   _____________________________________________

Address   ______________________________________________



2. JICPR Research Advisory Service

JICPR Research Advisory Service: The JICPR announces the provision of a Research Advisory Service for its readers so that anyone, at any level, may approach it for help, guidance and advise regarding any problem or difficulty that he / she may be encountering in his / her research work. This includes even such things as the selection of a promising topic for research, bibliographical guidance and help in getting photocopies of materials required for in case it can be located. The help and counsel of experts in all fields of philosophy, both in India and abroad, who have been associated with the JICPR in various ways will be available to our readers in  this task. Persons seeking advise in this regard may write directly to the Editor, JICPR, B-189-B, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, making specific mention of the JICPR Research Advisory Service announced in this Journal.


3. Special Issues of JICPR

The JICPR proposes to bring out an issue devoted to the following subjects:

Life-Worlds: Private and Public
Love and Friendship-Power and Welfare.

Articles may be sent to the JICPR, B / 189-A, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur-300015. The last date for the receipt of the article is 30th September 2000.

4. Cultural Exchange Programme

The Indian Council of Philosophical research nominates one senior scholar every year to visit Paris under the Indo-French Cultural Programme. Interested scholars may send their Curriculum Vitae to the Council's address.

5. Recent Publications

The following books have been published recently

          (a)  Author and Subject Index of JICPR
                  Vol. - XI to XV                                                    Rs.      50.00

          (b)  Bhakti : A Contemporary Discussion.             Rs.   300.00

          (c)  Circulatary Definition and Truth.                       Rs.  560.00

(d)  Realism: Reactions and Responses
       Essay in Honour of  P.K. Sen                           Rs.   850.00

           Further Details on Publication Page

6. Forthcoming Publications

(i) Recent Developments in Analytic Philosophy
     Author : R.C. Pradhan

(ii) Prakarana Panchika of Salikanatha with an Exposition in English
     Author : K.T. Pandurangi


7. The   Annual    subscriptions  will  be revised to following rates       from the Year 2001: (All Surface Mail)

The JICPR will be published quarterly from Vol. XVIII No 1 as under:

     January - March

     April - June

     July - September

     October - December

The revised rates of the journal from JICPR Vol.  XVIII, No. I  onwards will be as follows:

. Inland (Rs.) Foreign (US $)
Institutions 450.00 40
Individuals 200.00 30
Students and retired teachers 100.00 15
Single Issue 100.00 -
Membership (For 3 years) 500.00 -
Life Membership 1500.00 200
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